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Emre Özdemir


  • design: emre ozdemir

This series of objects created by calculated CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) operations as reflections of an ambiguous network of forces. Despite all the fact that they've created by a technological/scientific way, they can be considered as mythical entities. Such as any myth, primitive or modern, these forms are conveying vague narratives of their own natures. Their morphological features, (such as repetitions, flows, differences, symmetries) contains connotations of their mythical narratives. In this case, narratives of these objects visualized as architectural representations in order to reveal glimpses of their motives to the viewer. Architectural representations can be perceived as informative descriptions but for this case, they are offering a framework for further thinking and sensations. While the representations illustrate a singular state of existence among numerous possibilities they also demonstrate the morphological potentials of these objects. Again, these objects establish an unclear relationship with the viewer and they complete their existence in the imagination of the viewer. These objects have been created without any context. This topological approach leads to an incomprehensible sense of freedom. But it is obvious that they tend to create their contexts by the time they emerging. In these experiments, objects affect and influence their surrounding entities and offer numerous ways to co existence. It appears clearly on the relationship between objects and landscapes. The nature of this object-context relationship provides vast and fertile flexibility. They have capacities to constitute a coherent relationship for further possibilities.